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 This agenda contains the activities of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. 


  • 1: Bradford (UK): Premiere of documentary "Bicycle"
  • 6-10: Utrecht (NL): workshop, cycletours and presentation for a delegation from Ecuador
  • 6-10: The Netherlands: Media Tour for international media
  • 23: Lille (Fr): meeting with Lille Metropole, Belkin Kids Tour 

August - The Dutch Cycling Embassy is closed


  • 4: The Netherlands: presentation for a delegation from Thailand
  • 8 en 11: Utrecht (NL): presentations for a delegation from Australia
  • 10: Velokonferenz, Luzern (CHI): Presentations
  • 19-22: ExpoBici, Padova (IT): Seminar, Cycle Tour and Exhibition 
  • 21-26: Utrecht, Zwolle, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (NL): presentations and cycling tour for a delegation off People for Bikes from USA
  • 23: The Netherlands: presentation for a delegation from Taiwan
  • 26: The Hague: presentation for a delegation from Hong Kong


  • 13: Sydney (AUS): Seminar 

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