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This agenda contains the activities of the Dutch Cycling Embassy for the following months. 


  • 2 visit in Utrecht and Amsterdam by a delegation from Sweden
  • 13 Bikeconomics congres in Utrecht  (NL)
  • 14 visit in Amsterdam and Utrecht by a delegation from Kaohsiung (TAIWAN)
  • 15-18 European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) in San Sebastian (SP)
  • 24-26 Bike Fest and conference in Napels (ITA)
  • 30 Cycling Festival in Bari (ITA)


  • 14 & 15 Dutch Cycling Fellow in Pittsburg (USA)
  • 15 & 16 Dutch Cycling Fellows in Denver (USA)
  • 26 Thinkbike workshop in Geneve (ZWI)

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