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Brochure: The world's cycling experts

watch/download our presentation video in medium quality. If you would like to download the video in high quality you can contact us.

Watch the Dutch Cycling Embassy at CosmoBike in Verona (September 2015)

Press Releases
New Director Dutch Cycling Embassy
Voortbestaan Stichting Dutch Cycling Embassy zekergesteld
The world's cycling experts go down under at Velocity 2014
Uganda's first bike sharing (dutch)
(bicycle) mobility and sustainable energy have the future in the Megalopolis Mexico City
Ecuador held a workshop on clean mobility in the Netherlands with Dutch cycling experts

Business Plan: Cycling for Everyone
(Only available in Dutch) De kracht van het Nederlandse fietsen in internationaal perspectief gebundeld in het Publiek Private Partnerschap; The Dutch Cycling Embassy

2014 July Newsletter Dutch Cycling Embassy 
2014 May Newsletter Dutch Cycling Embassy
2014 April Newsletter Dutch Cycling Embassy
2013 May  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy
2013 Mar  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy
2013 Jan  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy
2012 Nov  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy
2012 Aug  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy
2012 Jun  Newsletter Fietsberaad - Dutch Cycling Embassy 

ThinkBike reports
ThinkBike report Astana May 2012
ThinkBike report Conference Warshau May 2012
ThinkBike report Conference Lisbon, Portugal, September 2012
ThinkBike report Bristol October 2012
Think Bike Newcastle November 2013
ThinkBike report Pittsburgh June 2012
ThinkBike report Philadelphia June 2012
ThinkBike report San José October 2012
ThinkBike report Austin October 2012
ThinkBIke report Sofia Februari 2013
ThinkBike report Helsinki March 2013
Presentation bicycle basics Finland
Expedition ThinkBIke Finland 
Cycling plan ThinkBike Helsinki March 2013
Presentation Bicycle inclusive planning and design ThinkBike Helsinki
Cycling in the Netherlands, past present and future presentation Helsinki
Sakarya making more room for cycling
ThinkBike report workshops Vienna Januari 2013
ThinkBike Workshop Poznan May 2013
Report ThinkBike workshop Switzerland 2 and 3 September 2013
ThinkBike workshop Chattanooga 23 and 24 September 2013
ThinkBike workshop Chicago 26 and 27 September 2013
ThinkBike workshop Nicosia and Larnaca December 2013

Love Cycling, Go Dutch Campaign
Study Tour by the Australian - september 2014

Factsheets and knowledge
Bicycles and Roundabouts presentation RHDHV

Movies about cycling
UN; Highlights from a UN forum
Sustainable Transport for Sustainable Development
The Green Lane Project, an initiative of Bikes Belong Foundation. 
From the Netherlands to America
Self-Reliance Grows in Utrecht Traffic Garden

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