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Herbert Tiemens in Sweden


 Herbert Tiemens tells us about his experiences of the lecture he gave in Sweden last August.

 Herbert Tiemens:

Last August I was on invitation of Conductive in Stockholm to give a lecture about Dutch cycling policy and the unique urban structure of the town Houten. In addition to this lecture I made some appointments with the Royal Dutch Embassy, the Uppsala Cycling Association, a local blogger and the Dutch Chamber.

The Royal Dutch Embassy is in the process of establishing contact with various Swedish organizations in order to understand what kind of need Swedish planners have in bike infrastructure. They want to assist them in finding solutions and promote Dutch expertise in the cycle-world. The Dutch Embassy will organize some kind of work-shops/seminars together with the Dutch Cycling Embassy next year based on the needs of the Swedish organizations. link: http://zweden.nlambassade.org/

The Uppsala Cycling Association is a non governmental organization to promote the use of bicycles in Uppsala. Although the modal share of Uppsala is rather high (28%), local governments never made a bicycle plan for the city. Most cycling is done by the large student population, the challenge is to discover the needs of other inhabitants to use the bikes. As the city is writing the first bicycle plan at this moment, it might be the right moment to inspire traffic planners, the public and politicians with some Dutch examples. An agreement was made to have further contacts in the future. link: http://ucf.se

After the first day of the seminar I met Jeroen Wolfers, co-author of Cyklistbloggen a well-know blog about the bicycle situation in Stockholm. He asked his readers for questions to ask me and wrote a nice article http://www.cyklistbloggen.se/2012/08/cykeltraffen-herbert-tiemens/

My last appointment was a short rendezvous with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden They prepared their celebrations of 10 years Dutch Chamber. Part of the celebrations was a sustainable transport event. Before I had to catch my train to the airport, I was able to pass them some names of Dutch bicycle manufactures. Link: http://www.dutchchamber.se/general/thank-you-for-a-fantastic-10th-anniversary

Oh, by the way, my lecture was evaluated by the audience at 4.56 of 5. Pretty Good!

Herbert Tiemens

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