Raparin Delegation Group

On August 21st, the Dutch Cycling Embassy received a delegation from the Raparin region in Iraqi Kurdistan.

This visit was organized in partnership with MoveMobility which was represented by Carolina Ramos and Imran Hasan Ahmed who also did the translation.

The delegation was composed of members of the Raparin administration, the Mayor of Rania city, Raparin urban planning department, the Chwarqurna municipality as well as the manager of the Kanitoo company.

They were given a presentation on cycling in the Netherlands from a broad policy level perspective as well as some details on the design principles guiding the construction of bicycle infrastructure. The presentation generated many questions and discussions about what the first step should be to increase the usage of the bicycle as the delegation was enthusiast and convinced that it is a goal worth reaching.

The delegation was keen to pursue the partnership with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, MoveMobility and potential other partners to push the cycling agenda forward.

Giving a book as a present