Dutch Cycling Vision Unveiling Header

On October 4th, the Dutch Cycling Vision was launched by offering the first copy to the Secretary of State Mrs. Stientje van Veldhoven!

The launch took place at the Innovation Expo, exactly the right spot for this festivity. The Dutch Cycling Vision showcases what cycling creates, in terms of economy, environment, heath, happiness, accessibility, safety and social equity. The benefits in all these fields have been lively described with infographics.

The idea to create a Vision to showcase the effects of cycling in the Netherlands started after visiting Silicon Valley during a fact-finding mission, where companies joined forces to convince local policy makers. The Dutch Cycling Vision stresses the importance of stimulating cycling by compiling the numbers and figures of multiple researches into one document. The Dutch Cycling Vision is part of the national bicycle agenda Tour de Force 2020.

The Secretary of State was pleased to receive the first edition, since this is exactly what is needed in order to stimulate cities and regions to invest in cycling. Want to know how Dutch expertise might help you with becoming more cycling friendly? Let us know!

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