On Friday 16th of March, four Indonesian researchers, representing the Research center for Regional Resources of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences,

visited the DCE office in Delft. The research team from Jakarta is working on a project about Community Participation in Low Emission Zones in Rotterdam, which is part of a research series from 2015 to 2019 about Rotterdam Sustainable City. During their field research in the Netherlands, Ayu Nova Lissandhi, Choerunisa Noor Syahid, and Devi Riskianingrum had a full program, in which they visited various stakeholder. At DCE office in Delft, they learned about Dutch cycling in general, about the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s work and our mission, and the various different parties involved in the cycling sector. This which gave them useful insights into the Dutch context, as well as input for further research with regard to cycling and sustainability.

We wish the research team all the best in the pursuit of their project and we look forward hearing about the research results!