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Today, the Dutch Ambassador of Armenia, Mr. Tigran Balayan visited the DCE office.

The goal of this meeting was to explore possibilities of how Dutch expertise can be of help to improve cycling in Armenia. Although Armenia has challenges in terms of cycling, tourism focused on leisure cycling is present and clogging cities are increasingly searching for car substitutes. The ambassador in the Netherlands, Mr. Balayan, sets a great example here with acquiring his own bicycle upon arriving in the Netherlands. Very enthusiastic about the implementation of cycling inclusive mobility in Armenia, he contacted the DCE for this meeting. Carolina Ramos from member organization MOVE Mobility discussed the topic of infrastructure planning and their design program called the MOVE meter, which can help cities change their modal split. Angela van der Kloof of Mobycon spoke about the strategy to implement cycling into cities in Armenia, and the potential of Yerevan as it is a compact and historic city, two factors which make cycling attractive.