Dutch Cycling Embassy: A Discussion on Sustainable Cycling Infrastructure in Ireland

Active Travel: Encouraging Cycling to Schools and Third-Level Institutes on Thursday, 22 October - 13.00-14.00 (Irish Time): with contributions from Dublin Bicycle Mayor Donna Cooney, Robert Egan of Green-Schools Travel and the #andshecycles campaign, Mark Wagenbuur of BicycleDutch and Angela van der Kloof of Mobycon. There will be audience Q&A after the presentations. 

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To celebrate EU Green Week, this webinar will discuss sustainable transport methods for students of all ages and genders. The webinar will focus on how we can encourage students of different ages, genders and ethnicities to cycle to schools and third-level institutions. Irish and Dutch experts will speak about traffic safety education in the classroom, creating safe routes to school, and temporary initiatives schools can take to encourage more active travel. We will discuss how we can close the gender gap by encouraging more females to cycle as well as how we can ensure immigrants and new arrivals to our communities feel equipped and confident to cycle.

This cycling webinar is the fourth in our free webinar series in conjunction with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dublin. 

You can re-watch our first three webinars through the videos below. These webinars cover the topics of Building Bike Parking and Successful Integration with Public Transport, the Role of Business in Supporting Cycling and Creating Livable Spaces and Developing Safe Rural Cycling Infrastructure. Thank you to all speakers and participants at these webinars.

The aim of our webinars is to show how we can develop attractive and safe cycle networks for all ages and performance groups and to see where Ireland and the Netherlands can learn from each other’s experience in building safe, user-friendly and inclusive mobility infrastructure. These webinars are aimed at representatives of the cycling sector, education sector and students, political representatives, local and national policymakers and representatives from the business community. The conversations will identify local challenges and opportunities for “quick wins” as well as demonstrating some practical examples from the Netherlands. Hear all about the design and planning principles developed by the Netherlands over time and how they can be applied in the Irish context.

Session Recordings

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

Session #4

About the Dutch Cycling Embassy

 The Dutch Cycling Embassy facilitates bicycles worldwide as a modern, efficient and healthy way of transport. We do this by sharing knowledge, expertise and technology from the Netherlands as a cycling country. We have a network of private parties, NGOs, universities, research institutes, national and local governments. In various areas, the Dutch Cycling Embassy brings parties into contact with each other when it comes to research, planning, policy and product development to actually get things done.

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