Bari is a port city on the Adriatic Sea, and the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region. The historic old town is Mazelike, with narrow streets. The city is mostly flat with warm temperatures year-round. It takes about 10 kilometres to ride from the edge of the city to city hall.

Cycling does not seem to be a priority for Bari. The lack of advocacy support, urban governance, and funding is halting urban cycling at a standstill. Obtaining data on the status of cycling can be a starting point for the city.

Orgware is an area that the city should first focus on to have the governmental support for cycling. This can be achieved by including cycling in the city’s masterplan or develop a strategy for cycling promotion and marketing; as well as, dedicating a budget for cycling related activities.

Modal split of cycling: 1%
Average length of trips made within the city: less than 2.5km


Bari’s bicycle infrastructure consists of some segregated cycle paths and marked paths. The total cycling network is 20 kilometres. There are mostly outdoor bicycle racks around shops and businesses, and one sheltered bicycle parking facility in the city. There are bicycle rental services and bike sharing available in the city, especially the touristic area. There are no ITS or detection loops at intersections.


Cyclists use the infrastructure when provided, but mostly end up cycling along the roads due to the lack of infrastructure. There is a mix of both men and women cycling. There are different types of cyclists in Bari (sports, commuters and tourists), but cycling does not seem to be part of the everyday culture. Helmet use is not required by law and almost no one wears helmets in the city.


Cycling development in Bari is done on the province level. There is no entity that is especially concerned with cycling planning or evaluation. Funding for cycling infrastructure is supported by the European Union, but national infrastructure budget doesn’t include spendings on cycling. There is an advocacy group in the city, but does not have a strong influence in the cycling community.

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