Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands. Since Eindhoven has achieved a high modal share of cycling (30%), the city can work more on making the cycling experience comfortable for the current users and attractive for future users. This can be achieved through making the cycling network barrier-free and minimizing the contact points with cars. The Hovenring in Eindhoven makes one of the best practices in The Netherlands. For the inner city network, Eindhoven can look for inspiration in other Dutch cities like Zwolle for instance.

A city map that shows cycling as an integral part of the mobility network could make an impact on cycling awareness and perception. In general, the city could benefit from placing greater emphasizis on cycling as part of the urban identity of Eindhoven.

Modal split of cycling: 30%
Average length of trips made within the city: 5 km - 7.5 km

Eindhoven has an extensive network of cycling paths mostly separated from car traffic. The city center is completely car free and bike parking is available around the city. There is also high availability of bicycle repair shops and bike rentals. Bike sharing system in Eindhoven is relatively small (only 200 bike, 2017). ITS measures and detection loops are also used to make the cycling experience more convenient.
The modal share of cycling in Eindhoven is 30% and the number of cyclists continues to increase. There is cycling education in schools and advice for road users regarding cycling safety. However, there is limited information provision when it comes to cycling data and plans. There is no cycling map publicly available or regular media coverage about cycling. Cycling events are also not so frequent in Eindhoven.
Cycling in Eindhoven is planned on the municipal level. There is no specific leadership for the cycling decision in the city. Grassroots and civil society are active and they are included in the decision making. There is no available data about a dedicated budget for cycling.

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