Fact Finding Mission: Iran


A Dutch delegation, consisting of Dirk de Jager, Frans Botma, Sara Ghazanfari, and Jeroen van der Hoeven, traveled to Esfehan, Iran earlier this week.

They were welcomed by the Esfehan municipality in an extremely warm and hospitable way. The delegation encountered many opportunities to develop cycling facilities in this beautiful and historic city of2 million people. The city is mostly flat and green, which makes it a pleasant environment for cycling, even in high temperatures. The municipality is already operating a bike sharing system and recently constructed 60 kilometers of bicycle paths, from which, approximately 10 kilometers are separated from other traffic flows. The city is ambitious to expand its bicycle network and increase its bike sharing stations, in order to mitigate air pollution, ease congestion, and thereby strengthen its economy. The municipality’s motivation is to increase the modal share of cycling to 15%.

The Dutch delegation organized two workshops for almost 150 Iranian experts to share knowledge on hardware, software and orgware elements, concerning the development of a masterplan cycling. The honorable Mayor, Mr. Jamalinejad, and his deputy, Mr. Salavati ,stated their goals for long term collaboration with the Dutch delegation towards an Esfehan Cycling masterplan. They set the right example by joining the Dutch delegation in a bicycle ride through Esfehan’s innercity. The delegacy would especially likes to thank Jamshid Laghaei of Esfehan municipality, for all his assistance, translations, and explanations during our stay in Esfehan.

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