Velo-city 2017: DCE


Today is the last day of the Velo-city 2017 conference!

The Velo-city conference is hosted by the European Cyclist Federation and is widely considered the premier international planning conference on cycling. The focus is to encourage cycling as a part of daily transportation and recreation.

This year’s conference has been hosted in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and included over 1,400 participants from countries from all over the world.
The Dutch Cycling Embassy was an active participant in the conference and helped to promote and coordinate the pre and post program activities in collaboration with various municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands, as well as lead various sessions with our group of experts.

The Dutch Cycling Pavilion:

The Dutch Cycling Pavilion featured a variety of our DCE participants and some of their products. A few highlights include Flo, the new innovative bicycle traffic system that notifies cyclists if they need to slow down or speed up for upcoming intersections. OV Fiets and Bough bikes were also present at the Pavilion. 

Via this link you can view the Passport booklet with all the members that participated in the Dutch Cycling Pavilion. 


confeeti 2


DCE Experts:

The DCE and its participants were active in a variety of expert sessions, a few to highlight inlcude Saskia Kluit - Speed Pedelec Debate; Erik Tetteroo – Recipes for Cycling Success, and Angela van der Kloof - Science Meets Practice. These and many other of our experts and their sessions focused on providing program registrants with an immersive educational experience.


Mass Bike Parade:

The Mass Bike Parade is a Velo-city tradition and this year’s route included a beaitful 2-hour ride through Nijmegen and Arnhem, eclipsed by food and drinks at the Honing complex in Nijmegen.

parade 2


Closing Thoughts:

Today is the final day of the Velo-city conference and with its near conclusion we have the time to reflect on the amazing connections we have made and will continue to strengthen in the future. We at the DCE feel strongly that the bicycle has unlimited potential to help communities flourish. We are extremely grateful for the many connections we have made this week and will continue to grow in the coming years.


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