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Fact Finding Mission Romania

FFM Boekarest

From July 6th-7th, one expert of the Dutch Embassy went to Bucharest, Romania for a two-day Fact Finding Mission.

Since 2016 a number of events, seminars, trade missions and bilateral exchanges between The Netherlands and Romania have been organized. After an event in April 2016, specifically aimed at smart urban mobility with the Municipality of Bucharest (population: 3 mln inhabitants), the contacts with the city were intensified. In 2016, a new Mayor of Bucharest was elected and this gave new energy to engage on smart urban mobility. In particular in the area of bicycle urban mobility policy and implementation (planning, biking demand flow analysis, sharedservices, infrastructure development, etc.). The Embassy of the Netherlands offered support to the Municipality in the form of a fact-finding mission by an Dutch cycling/mobility expert. This assistance, in the form of a short 2 day Fact Finding mission to assess the needs of the city was recentlyrepeated in a meeting with the Mayor of Bucharest. As follow up of these events, Mr. Tonny Bosch of MOVE Mobility (as part of the DCE) has been asked to make a proposal for the fact-finding mission in Bucharest.

At the first day seven people from City Hall (planners, engineers, advisors, councillors etc.) were present. Mr. Bosch was given all the time and space to explain about Dutch cities, experiences in other countries and to tell about their city Bucharest. Topics that were discussed included ‘integrated planning’, ‘multimodality’, ‘hardware, software and orgware’ and the five main requirements for cycling: ‘Safe’, ‘Straight’, ‘Consistent’, ‘Comfortable’ and ‘Attractive’. 

The second day thirteen people were present for the workshop. Most of them were representatives from NGO’s but also a bicycle producer and one person from the taxi association participated. Mr. Bosch’ personal feeling was that there is a good match between Bucharest and the Dutch experience. Together we can let Bucharest become a ‘Cycling City’. Recommendations have been made in order to push cycling to a higher level in Bucharest.

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