The mobility sector is one of the bigger polluters if it comes to CO2 emissions: 24% of worldwide emissions are caused by mobility. The mobility sector is expected to grow at a faster rate than any other sector, posing a major challenge upon us if we want to stay in line with, for example, the Paris Agreement.

Over 70% of these mobility emissions are caused by cars: people that travel from A to B. Daily, many people take the car when they commute. This behaviour has become a habit that appears to be difficult to change. Often, people don't even realise what the impact of their daily commute is on their CO2 footprint, their health and well-being or the economy.

Since the coronavirus forced people to work from home as much as possible, a major change occurred: less air pollution, hardly any traffic jams, less noise pollution, etc. So, despite the terrible situation we are in, there are also some bright spots that we could learn from. Or maybe even that we should learn from.

The coronavirus broke the habit of travelling to work by car every day. Therefore, the first step to structural behaviour change has been made. It is up to us to hold on to this change. That's where Fynch comes in. Fynch helps you by incentivizing smart and sustainable travelling. We make sustainable travel fun and engaging.

Currently, several major cities worldwide are trying to change the travel behaviour of people. Cities like Brussels or Milan are building cycle lanes and giving pedestrians priority over cars. They hope that people change their behaviour and start cycling and walking more often, instead of taking the car. In this way, they can make their city more corona proof and more sustainable and the roads will be safer. However, changing someone's behaviour sounds much easier than it actually is. Over the years, Fynch developed a proven formula for behavioural change. This formula just got a fresh makeover, and we now release a brand-new version.

The new version of Fynch consists of one clear, easy-to-use package of our upgraded products in combination with several new features. From now on, Fynch will be able to offer a complete behavioural change program geared to motivate consumers, self-employed, companies, retailers, institutions, townships and (local) authorities for safe and sustainable mobility. The latest version of Fynch will be released before the end of June, below we provide you with a sneak preview.

The Fynch smartphone app plays a central role in our program, the app automatically registers and classifies trips and rewards smart and sustainable trips with coins. If you, for example, cycle to your work, you earn a coin. These coins can be spent on gifts and vouchers in the Fynch Shop. Alongside the app, we now offer a Fynch Monitor web application, where more detailed graphs and trends can be viewed. Via the Fynch Monitor the user can also gain access to the Fynch Shop and the online training environment.

Another great addition to Fynch is that we can also use transaction data to provide insight in and reward sustainable and smart travelling behaviour. Transaction data may come from the use of a mobility or fuel card. Within the Fynch Monitor we can define several user roles, allowing group managers to get trend insights on group performance. These insights are obviously fully anonymised and on an aggregated level. In this way, a manager will have information that supports the creation, improvement or implementation of a mobility policy that is future proof. 

But there is more. By educating people in how to drive sustainable and safe, CO2 emissions can be reduced as well. That is why we included ProDrive Learning in the renewed Fynch as well. ProDrive Learning is an online training including interactive content and videos, making learning about sustainable and safe driving fun. On top of that, a user is rewarded with coins every time he finishes a ProDrive Learning module. Earned coins can be spent in the Fynch Shop.

We believe that if we all make small changes to our behaviour, how insignificant that sometimes may feel, we can create a huge impact. Do you want to know more about our products? Or do you want to know how we can help you or your organisation? Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a look at hour website