13-06-2014 On 16 and 17 June, the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City organised a two-day Round Table conference for Mexican authorities and businessmen. The goal was to share concrete ideas and information on how existing infrastructure in Mexico City can be converted into a green and liveable city in a sustainable way. The two-day round table had a focus on redesigning existing city infrastructure in a sustainable way by using green transportation, innovation technology in green building and the smart energy saving concept to create green cities. A first reaction of the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City: "Thanks for this great event. The Mexicans are very enthousiastic and they want to go further with the Dutch Cycling Embassy and its Cycling experts." Download the links and see for yourself: The idea for the Round Table arose from a successful cooperation in 2010 between the Mexican authoristies, The Dutch Embassy and the Dutch Cycling Embassy. A project called ' CicloCuidades ' came up with a set of methods for Mexican municipalities to formulate and launch cycling policies. Among the tangible results of this policy are the increased use of bicycles and improved bike safety in Mexico City itself. The Dutch Cycling Embassy sees more opportunities for Dutch companies to help Mexico City in its policy of becoming a green and liveable city. In cooperation with ITDP and SUstainability for Mexico (SUMe) and with support from the Dutch Embassy, the Dutch Cycling Embassy is planning to organise more opportunities for cooperation. Round Table Conference The Round Table brings together interests of all parties and makes it possible for Mexican and Dutch organisations to make concrete plans and undertake specific activities. A number of Dutch organisations take part in the Round Table conference (organised by the Dutch Cycling Embassy): Mobycon, the town of Houten, Ecofys and Heijmans. Dutch multinationals companies operating in Mexico, such as KLM, LeasePlan Sinochem and DSM support this initiative. The first day of this round table focused on infrastructure and logistics (bicycle). Mexican and Dutch parties G2G, B2B and K2K brainstormed about retrofitting the existing urban planning. The second day focused on energy, including innovative technology in green building, smart grids and energy saving solutions. Also here G2G, B2B and K2K of both countries were brought together to exchange solutions for existing problems. Download here the press release in Dutch.

In Mexico City, the Dutch Cycling Embassy held a two-day Round Table Seminar on Sustainable Mobility and Energy on the 16th and the 17th of June 2014. The seminar also involved several visits to Mexican Ministries.

Aletta Koster, Municipality of Houten, Heijmans, Mobycon and Ecofys worked on this Round Table

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