On Thursday, July 4th, 2019, network participants of the Dutch Cycling Embassy gathered at the DCE’s headquarters in Delft, for the organization’s annual Summer Symposium.

Attendees were warmly welcomed by Embassy Director Lucas Harms, who kicked off the afternoon by running through the many highlights of the past few months, including an exciting partnership with Los Condes, Chile, and a fruitful ThinkBike Workshop in Delaware.

Two new members were unveiled to the audience, consisting of urban planning firm Humankind and the CROW Platform. Humankind co-founder Lior Steinberg was given an opportunity to say a few words about their work improving public space in their home of Rotterdam.

The DCE’s new Marketing & Communication Strategy was then introduced by Rinske Brand from the Brand Urban Agency, a document that will shape our communication moving forward, to help us achieve our goal of spreading the Dutch cycling story around the world.

Following a short coffee break, two breakout sessions were offered. The first, from DCE Marketing Manager Chris Bruntlett and Mark Wagenbuur of BicycleDutch, shared some tips and tricks when it comes to social media and content creation. The second, from Maarten Barckhof and Ron van Wijk of Stichting Circulair Bouwen, explored the shift to building infrastructure with the circular construction method of recycled and reusable materials.

After another short coffee break, another pair of breakout sessions were offered. Ilse Galama and Richard ter Avest of Goudappel Coffeng presented their work stimulating bicycle use in Uganda, while Lior Steinberg of Humankind discussed the opportunities and challenges around exporting the Dutch approach to aspiring cycling cities such as Tel Aviv.

Last but not least, the formal portion of the meeting gave way to an hour of informal networking and conversation over drinks, which included a BBQ and bakfiets-based disco.

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