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The province of Utrecht and the municipalities of Utrecht, De Bilt, Zeist, Soest and Amersfoort gave the go-ahead for the realization of the Utrecht-Amersfoort express bike route on Wednesday afternoon March 13th. They did this by connecting each link in a larger chain. This symbolizes how existing parts of the cycle path are knotted together, widened and expanded into one fast cycle route.

The five responsible partners were all on different types of bicycles at this meeting. While cycling on stationary bikes, Provincial Executive Dennis Straat and aldermen Lot van Hooijdonk of Utrecht, André Landwehr of De Bilt, Wouter Catsburg of Zeist, Nermina Kundic of Soest and Hans Buijtelaar of Amersfoort expressed their support for this 'chain reaction' at the new Utrecht-Amersfoort fast cycle route. This is the first of seven fast cycle routes in the province.

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Deputy Dennis Straat: “We have already done a lot of preparatory work together by constructing an attractive, safe cycle path between Utrecht and Amersfoort on the birthplace of De Stijl movement. We are expressing the intention today to extend the De Stijl Cycle Path to the first fully-fledged cycle route in the province. At the same time, we are also making a start on the realization of six other fast cycle routes. They will make cycling more attractive, also for commuting. That contributes to an accessible, healthy and attractive province. "

Seven routes in the picture
The Utrecht-Amersfoort route is the first high-speed bicycle route in the province of Utrecht on which the municipalities and the province will start working. Six other fast cycle routes are in the pipeline. These are the Utrecht-Veenendaal, Utrecht-IJsselstein, Utrecht-Woerden, Amersfoort-Bunschoten, Amersfoort-Baarn and Amersfoort-Woudenberg routes.

Chain reaction
Many parties are needed to realize the new fast cycle routes. Municipalities, land owners and various interest groups. They form the links that tie together existing sections of the cycle path, to widen, expand and/or shift these sections. All these links together form a chain that symbolizes the driving power of the bicycle. The links of the seven new cycle routes provided their wishes, ideas and substantive input during a workshop that took place after the kick-off on March 13th.

Designing and working out
After the chain reaction on March 13th, the municipalities involved will inform their residents and stakeholders, and involve them in the design of the various cycle routes. The routes will then be further detailed and worked out, after which they can be built. Goedopweg is committed to drawing attention to the routes and will encourage cyclists to use them.

Cadence quickly, comfortably and safely
On the seven fast cycle routes that the province of Utrecht wants to realize, cyclists are more often given priority over car traffic and they are more likely to get green at traffic lights on the route. Bicycle paths and lanes are widened and executed in asphalt or concrete. In this way cyclists can continue cycling quickly, comfortably and safely and schools, residential areas, work locations and junctions are also easily accessible by bicycle. This makes it more attractive to take the bike even for longer distances.

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