The Dutch Cycling Embassy participated in the working group that will deliver a report in November. Assistent secretary general Peltzer gave instructions regarding the purpose of the program and institutional arrangements between the UN and governments, NGO’s and the private sector. He also asked which persons could compose a high level panel to advise and support the secretary general. Transport is now a main issue for the UN agenda with the emphasis on urban transport. The multilateral banks offer to direct 15-20 billion dollar per year to urban transport. The Dutch Cycling Embassy contributes to the Rio+20 conference in cooperation with Secretary of State for the Environment Joop Atsma. Roelof Wittink presented the results of a study done with the host city Rio de Janeiro on the impact of cycling scenario’s on sustainable development in Rio. The Dutch Secretary of State for Development Cooperation Ben Knapen added transport and urbanisation to the Dutch foreign policy.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy contributed to the Sustainable Transport Program 2012-2017 made for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Transport is now a main issue of the UN agenda with the emphasis on urban transport. The goal of the Program is to integrate cycling in sustainable transport policies and to position the Dutch expertise internationally.

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