Hiding bicycle racks, the ‘Align’ way


Inspired by technology and the way things are constructed, work, and move. Milou Bergs has created her project called 'Align', making bicycle racks less of an eyesore in public space.

In the time of innovation and creating complex designs, there is something about the simplistic designs which catches the awe of everyone, and more often than not, these are preferred.
Milou Bergs
, a Design student from the Design Institute of Eindhoven, has designed an innovative and simplistic new bicycle rack: the ‘Align’. As the name suggests, the bicycle rack design concept is based on the on/off movement of the rack. As can be seen in the pictures below, a yellow racket holds the bicycle when it is placed on it, and it slyly hides by aligning with the ground level when the bicycle is removed. The pattern of each individual rack is exactly aligned after the installation/placement in the street.


(Photography credit / other credit: Iris Rijskamp)

The visual of the empty bicycle racks, like an eyesore, obstructing the view in the city center and some of the most beautiful places around the city Eindhoven, was what bothered her. Having a designer’s mind, she didn’t want to the public places to lose the charm, and that’s how the thought process started. As she points out “Basically, the bicycle racks in the city center and public spaces, are occupied only in the morning peak hours or in the opening times of the restaurants. Other times of the day they are just empty and definitely don’t look so great. I wanted to work on a design which would improve the look of the public space, besides, using the space effectively.”


(Photography credit / other credit: Abscis Architecten & Thomas de Bruyne)

The best part of her design is that it is intuitively obvious, without any need for explanation/demo. The simple yet elegant design not only provides for parking but also helps in an effective use of the public space. Currently, she is working on the prototype of the design. She is aware that this could take a while, as the design prototypes have to be tested. However, she is confident that we can see the bicycle racks around the city in the near future.

From the Dutch Cycling Embassy team, we congratulate Milou Bergs on her successful design and wish her good luck with finalizing the prototype, and hope to see use of these bicycle racks soon!

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