Bergen is located in a peninsula area south of Norway. It is known as the city of seven mountains referring to the mountains surrounding the city center. Bergen is a port city and a hub for tourism and maritime activity.

In 2017 the modal split for cycling in Bergen was only 3.4%, but the city has been aiming to achieve 10% by 2019. This goal is accompanied by a plan to make the netwrok of paths more comprehensive. Bergen has already achieved a good first step in regard to Orgware. The city need to focus more on cycling marketing and on cooperation with cycling grassroots to increase the reach of the city’s plans in the public awareness. Encouraging more cycling businesses can also get the private sector efforts to encourage more cycling.

Modal split of cycling: 3.4% (2007)
Average length of trips made within the city: less than 2.5km

Bergen has a network of 150 km of cycling lanes reaching to some residential areas but not well-connected in the city centre. The cycling lanes, when available, are either segregated or marked on road but they have no distinctive colour. Traffic calming is implemented in downtown area. Bicycle parking are partially available (racks and sheltered parking).
There are few cycling events in the city and some civil society organizations offer cycling awareness and education in schools. Cyclists are not required by law to wear a helmet.
The city of Bergen has its own bicycle manager who is responsible for mobility decisions regarding cycling. The bicycle manager is assigned by the climate department in the Bergen municipality; this is an important role for implementing the city’s bicycle strategy.