Dirk de Jager

Owner / Director

Dirk has been Aldermen in the City of Amsterdam over a period of 12 years (2002 – 2014) where he was responsible for infrastructure and transport. Dirk has developed and executed a bicycle friendly policy during this period. In 2014 Dirk established Sustainable Solutions. A company on sustainable energy and sustainable urban transport, focusing on the introduction of bicycle infrastructures and systems in an urban environment. He has a lot of experience in developing bicycle policy as well as the content, the implementation and the strategy is concerned . This covers moderating the political processes and creating support and agreements with the different stakeholders. Dirk is able to inspire people, put a bicycle strategy into the framework of an integrated urban mobility vision and process, relate this to practical steps of implementation.

International experience:
- Cooperation with the State of Karnataka (India) on the development of a bicycle strategy in Bagalore and other cities in Karnataka (2014/2015). Consult to other Indian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Executed several workshops and presentations.
- Cooperation with the Iranian embassy in The Hague on the development of a Bicycle masterplan for the Iranian cities (2015/present).
- Orientation on the introduction of Bicycle infrastructure in several cities in Marocco.
- Received several delegations in Amsterdam.

International expertise:
- Specialized in the introduction of bicycle infrastructure and systems in fast growing cities in upcoming economies matching with cultural and social, economic aspects.
- Furthermore training on capacity building for policy makers, responsible employees and involved civilians.
- Integrated approach to solve complex cycle issues.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch and limited Portuguese.