Anne Diepenbroek

Working at APPM

Anne is an experienced project and process manager for smart and sustainable mobility. She is educated academically in Human Geography and therefor has broad interest and knowledge on topics in and around urban environments. Her main driver is working together with all stakeholders to tackle challenges and solve problems, always taking into account different perspectives. Anne’s strength is her enthusiastic approach and overview of the process to get from A to B, with all partners involved, and adapting to the cultural or socio-economic factors playing a large role in the project.

As a partner in the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Anne presented in Oslo at the Cycling seminar about ‘Dutch inspiration on Public Private Cooperation within cycling projects’. She was a speaker at the 2017 Velo City Congress where she shared her insights on the successful use of applications for cycling projects with a focus on behavioural change. For the municipality of Tehran a ‘Bicycle Masterplan’ was developed by several DCE partners. Anne prepared, chaired and organized a three day ‘software’ workshop in Teheran (Iran).

Languages: English & Dutch
DCE Expertise: Smart Mobility, Urban Planning, Cycling and behavior, process management.