Bas Hendriksen

Cycling consultant, Working at Loendersloot Groep

Bas is a (cycling) consultant at the Loendersloot Group. He has worked as a project-manager, researcher and/or consultant for several (local) governments and institutions. The main part of these projects are primarily related to bicycle policy, super cycle highways and traffic design. Regarding cycling, Bas has expertise in the areas of developing bike policy plans, the management of bike projects, writing Masterplans for super cycle highways and SMART-biking-projects. Before joining the Loendersloot Group Bas worked at several Dutch municipalities and five years as project-manager at the Dutch Cyclists' Union (Fietsersbond). Bas is experienced in moderating sessions, workshops and cycling tours.

DCE expertise: Presentations on cycling policy, guided cycling-tours in Delft, Utrecht, Copenhagen and Nijmegen, moderator workshops.

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Bas has done several presentations, guided cycling excursions and moderated workshops.

Languages: English and Dutch