Dick van Veen

Working at Mobycon

Dick is a traffic engineer and an urban designer with over 11 years of work experience. Dick is the lead designer at Mobycon. He is an expert at finding creative solutions for integrating traffic functions with public space, bringing traffic types together in harmony through retrofitting streets for cities all over the world. Dick is a pioneer in the design with the innovative concept of Shared Space, where cars are mingling as guests with other road users in well-designed public spaces. Most recently, Dick has been giving design advice to US and Canadian cities building new bike infrastructure. Through various international design workshops, Dick has helped train city planners and traffic engineers in bicycle planning.

English, German and Dutch

DCE Expertise: Cycling planning and policy, engineering, infrastructure, design, public space, Vision Zero, Sustainable Safety, fietstraat, roudabouts, shared space.

DCE projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Dick has developed a study tour program for the PeopleForBikes World Class Studytour, gave many presentations and guided tours and conducted various ThinkBike workshops, in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chattanooga and Chicago (USA), Athens (Greece), Helsinki, Tampere and Joensuu (Finland).

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