Eric van der Horst

Cycling consultant, Working at Loendersloot Groep

Eric van der Horst worked as a cycling infrastructure consultant in England from 2008 until 2017. He worked on GIS-cycling infrastructure surveying projects and created cycling infrastructure priority plans for councils, also providing presentations to local policy makers. Eric also managed a ‘Bikeability’-scheme, ensuring over 10,000 school children received on-road cycle training. Eric is also an author of various cycling guidebooks about both England and The Netherlands. His book Cycling in Amsterdam and The Netherlands is a perfect introduction to Dutch cycling culture and infrastructure. Eric joined Loendersloot Groep and The Dutch Cycling Embassy in The Netherlands in 2018. He is a natural cycling ambassador, always ready to build bridges between different cycling cultures.

DCE expertise: Author, presentations on cycling policy, guided cycling-tours, moderator workshops.

Languages: English, Dutch, German