Hillie Talens

Program Manager , Working at CROW

Hillie Talens is an experienced transportation engineer with almost 35 years of experience in both public and private sector. In her work as a CROW project manager, PIARC expert, policy manager for the city of The Hague and the city of Ede, researcher at the Delft University for Technology and as consultant, she has focused on improving the role of the bicycle in the transportation system, parking policies and the optimization of the use of parking facilities, sustainable safety and the quality of public spaces, the effects and optimization of traffic control lights in the local road network.

She is specialist in legal aspects of transportation planning and also in design subjects such as active modes and parking.
Hillie has developed case studies, distilled best practices, and developed implementation guides and strategic management resources through more than 50 CROW and PIARC projects. She is one of the leading specialists as it comes to cycling in the Netherlands. She is also a national specialist on parking issues.

She has published research through the magazine Verkeerskunde, ITE Journal and several other specialist journals on all these issues. She also gave presentations at several congresses e.g. WALK 21, Velo-City, PIARC World Road Congress, IRF World Road Meeting on all these subjects.
Hillie is responsible for the Dutch Design manual for bicycle traffic. This almost 400 pages book is the most consulted handbook on bicycle facilities and policy in the world.

DCE Experitise: legal aspects of transportation planning, design subjects such as active modes and parking

Languages: Dutch, German and English