Ilse Galama

Working at Goudappel Coffeng

Ilse is a strategist at Goudappel and board member of the Iganga! Foundation. Her background in Architecture as well as Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics at the Delft University of Technology, makes her able to see the total picture to e.g. create city wide mobility plans. Fields of expertise are: creative solution thinking; leading group workshops; the integration of bikes in large urban mobility visions, that enable a balanced modal split.

She worked on multiple international projects at Goudappel: e.g. the design competition: Resilient by Design in the San Francisco, Bay Area (

And currently is appointed as liaison for participation of Goudappel Coffeng in the USA company “Mobility Flow” (website link will follow soon!) that is located in Seattle, Washington.

Languages: English and Dutch

DCE Expertise: integrated mobility plans, creative workshop sessions, first-last-mile solutions


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