Janine Hogendoorn

Founder, Working at Ring-RingĀ®

“I have a plan! Extremely positive, simple and effective. It’s about personal choice and will result in health, clean air, public space for people and trees. Result in freedom, empowerment and resilience. Power to the People. We are building and testing it right now in The Netherlands. Please let me know when you are interested to help build it further. The service/ product is globally scalable and locally relevant. Where people thrive economies flourish! Authenticity and passion for the future.”

Janine Hogendoorn Founder Ring-Ring® 2011 born on the bicycle, 2013 civic participation, 2015 social enterprise Ring-Ring®

Ring-Ring® values healthy mobility by connecting 5 current urgent themes (climate, health, public space, economy, mobility) with 5 stakeholders (you and me, employers, city governments, healthcare and entrepreneurs). Each cycle kilometre can be valued by any of the stakeholders and realizing a financial, social and environmental benefit for everyone.