Jeroen Venema

Working at International Coloured Asphalt Foundation

Mr. Jeroen B. Venema is one of the founders of the International Coloured Asphalt Foundation and Managing Director at Ventraco Chemie BV.

Ventraco is specialized in colouring asphalt. We do not only supply powder pigments but we also produce our own pigment pellets, known by the name ColorFalt®. These pellets are produced in the Netherlands and are a very high-grade product to colour asphalt.

ColorFalt V Red ® was our first product innovation, more than 2 million tons of coloured asphalt have been produced with ColorFalt colour pellets in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Innovation is one of our key concepts and nearly all our pigments and additives have been developed in cooperation with our customers.

Our ColorFalt pellets have been exported to more than 30 countries!

We are convinced that coloured asphalt will become more and more important in our environment. We are proud to show you some of the options on this website.