Marcel van Lieshout

Working at MOVE Mobility

Marcel was one of the founding principles of MOVE Mobility. He is responsible for the international portfolio of both MOVE Mobility and its associate Goudappel Coffeng. He has made contributions to a large number of international tenders and projects both on integral network development, the usage of the web based MOVE-Meter tool (i.e. in Austin and Houston (Texas), Cape Town and Kampala) and bicycle infrastructure (i.e. South Lamar Corridor in Austin). Marcel coordinates the further development of the MOVE-Meter and the instruction on its use. For the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment he monitors and evaluates the short term improvement plan to ease the congestion levels in twelve regions.

DCE expertise: Urban planning, Project appraisal and evaluation, Network design, Participation and stakeholder management, Process management.

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Marcel has done ThinkBike Workshops and presentations, for example in the city of Houston, Austin and Washington DC.

English and Dutch