Every day our people are working hard to create an accessible, healthy, safe and livable environment. We are committed and feel responsible for the future of our society. We consider cycling as a form of transportation that fits in a sustainable society with physically and economically healthy cities. We like to share knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in advising our clients. In this way we contribute to our beautiful cycling tradition, a tradition we are proud of!

Building healthy, functional and productive cities is a challenge we are facing. There is no easy solution available for this challenge. Creating public spaces with fresh air and freedom to move around is our aim.

To prevent public spaces from being transformed into a ‘sea of bikes’, (Dutch saying) the answer is not to ban cyclists, but to provide them with high end bike storage facilities.

These should have an inviting appearance, easy to find and easy to use, as close as possible to one’s destination.

With a team of around 50 bicycle experts we have learned from our experience and developed a variety of bicycle parking concepts in the Dutch context.

However, the world around us is constantly changing, so there is still a lot to learn.
Size and shape of bicycles are changing, parking spaces are equipped with evolving registration systems, and so on. We have to be aware of these new developments, in order to design future-proof facilities.

We create an optimal and efficient use of parking facilities by using 3D computer simulations during the design process and data analyses from bicycle storages.

This way we can not only test the most functional layout and spatial quality in advance, but it also gives us the opportunity to gain knowledge about capacity and safety as well.

Some examples of projects we are currently working on and which we are proud of;

• Designing & engineering| Contract with ProRail to design various bicycle parking spaces and buildings around train stations.
• Designing & engineering| Various projects for city parking and parking at universities.
• 3D simulations| Using 3D animations and virtual reality to show the predicted usage of a bicycle parking.
• Specific research | Prediction of bicycle storage occupation using data analysis.
• Specific research | Points of attention for using ‘Moving walks’ to enter bicycle parking building under or above ground level.
• Expertise | Advice on the design and capacity of a cycle staircase.




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Simone Jorink

Simone Jorink

Advisor bicycle parking

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