Richard ter Avest

Working at Goudappel Coffeng

Richard is professionalized in mobility planning and design. His expertise lies in organizing a city in a bike- and pedestrian-friendly way by also taking into account public transit, car infrastructure and public open spaces. Richard has introduced innovative and sustainable solutions in the range of traffic safety and bicycle-highways to improve livability and accessibility in cities and regions. Moreover, he teaches at some renowned universities and institutions like the research organization CROW. During workshops, he uses tools like the MOVE-meter to illustrate the chances and challenges that urban areas are facing on their way to become smart cities. For visitors from abroad, Richard likes to organize excursions ‘to see and believe’ and to inspire.

Languages: English and Dutch

DCE Expertise: Infrastructure and road safety

DCE projects: In his position as Cycling Expert, Richard, has conducted several ThinkBike workshops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Jose and Houston (USA). Moreover, he held workshops and courses in India, China and Europe (Norway, UK, Sweden, Belgium and Germany).


Cycling Freeway F35 in the Twente (NL) region

Accelerating the transformation of an Urban Highway in Austin

Transforming Enfield (London) in a Mini-Holland

Transforming a city towards using more Public Transport and Cycling

Cycle-inclusive network design with the MOVE-Meter