Stefan Bendiks

Working at Artgineering

Stefan Bendiks is the director of Artgineering, an office for research and design, combining cycling and urban planning. He is the author of ‘Cycle Infrastructure’, an inspirational handbook about how to fully explore the potential of (fast) bicycle paths and of ‘Fietsland’ (Cycling Nation), a study on the added value of cycling in the Netherlands. He worked on the new cycling strategy for the city of Groningen. With Artgineering he currently realizes various projects on public spaces in the Netherlands and Belgium where cycling is not only conceived as a mode of transport, but a powerful means to improve the city as a whole.

DCE Expertise: fast-track bicycle paths, added value of cycling, integrated cycling mobility
DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Stefan has done several ThinkBike Workshops and presentations.

Languages: English, German, French and Dutch
Is working at: Artgineering

Fietsinfrastructuur: Cycle Infrastructure. nai010 publishers, 2013.