Wim van der Wijk

Traffic Engineer

Wim has managed and executed projects in all Transport and Mobility related fields, including traffic safety, road design, and bicycle traffic planning and infrastructure. Wim often works in the framework of integral projects related to the design and improvement of the physical, public environment. His specialties lay in the field of cycling, sustainable urban mobility and road safety.  Wim’s ambition is to improve quality of life for city’s inhabitants and visitors, by creating safe, secure and sustainably sound mobility networks. He considers cooperation with all relevant stakeholders as the main key to success. Wim is working equally on projects in the Netherlands and abroad, providing an ideal basis for export of bicycle planning and design expertise.

DCE expertise: Project management, Traffic engineering, Infrastructure design, Urban planning, Mobility management, Cycling and behavior, Training.

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Wim has done several ThinkBike Workshops and presentations, for example in the city of Warsaw, Sofia, Rome and several cities in the United Kingdom. Wim also organized or supported many cycling excursions of foreign visitors to the Netherlands, for example for delegations from Australia, Rumania and Lithuania.

English and Dutch


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