Dutch Cycling Festival


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Today Dutch Cycling Embassy celebrated their fifth birthday with the Dutch Cycling Festival.

Over 40 people enjoyed a combination of subject-specific workshops and breakout sessions. The celebration was kicked off with a lunch and a brief speech about the achievement of DCE from the past five years.

After that, the 50th participant of DCE was welcomed, Mark Wagenbuur from Bicycle Dutch. His blogs and videos about the Dutch cycling culture are well known, both nationally and internationally. He was also awarded to be an ambassador of Dutch Cycling Embassy, for his efforts to share the Dutch Cycling culture via blogs and videos.

The festival continued with various workshops on cycling highways and cycling behavior. Outside, there was the possibility to ride different kinds of bikes and compete in cycling games. The end of the festival concluded with drinks and gave the participates an opportunities to mingle. There was also a video made, which is shown below, to summarize the festival made by Joost Pleune, a videographer. Future videos with DCE and Joost will be uploaded on the site. 



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