WTS Los Angeles visits NL


The Los Angeles Area Chapter of Advancing Women in Transportation reached out to us as they wanted to experience Dutch cycling culture and bicycle planning in Amsterdam.

There is no better way to do this than to hop on a bike with one of our cycling experts and explore! Last Friday Mobycon's Angela van der Kloof took the group out on a tour that aimed to show the diversity of cycling infrastructure in different places in the city, and at the same time show the consistency and logic of the network. The route combined dedicated bike infrastructure with shared streets. We experienced how easily cyclists can connect the Northern parts of the city, above the river IJ, with the core of the city, by taking the free ferry. The regular showers of rain that lasted a couple of minutes were alternated with bright sunshine, making you forget about the showers. We experienced how cycling continues to be a preferred mode of transport by many in Amsterdam, despite weather conditions, and how the city keeps on transforming streets to accommodate active and healthy lifestyles.

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