Boverket visits NL


From the 3rd to the 5th of October the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and planning (Boverket) visited the Netherlands.

On Tuesday the 3rd of October the group went to Groningen City Hall to meet with Mr. Jaap Valkema from the City of Groningen.


Wednesday 4th of October the group went out to meet with Mr. Frans Botma from the City of The Hague. After presentations the group took part in a discussion, and later went on a short walking tour through The Hague. After lunch time the group met with Mr. Erik Tetteroo from the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. With him the group took part in some more discussions and presentations.


On Friday the 5th of October the group went to Utrecht to meet there with Mr. Herbert Tiemens from the Province of Utrecht. They started the day of with presentations and discussion focusing on the city of Houten and the Province of Utrecht. Afterwards the group went on a cycling tour through both Utrecht and Houten, traveling with public transport between the cities, accompanied by Mr. Bas Hendriksen from Loendersloot Group. The cycling tour finished at Utrecht City hall where they discussed their findings.


We want to thank our experts for giving the presentations. And we would like to thank Boverkat for taking part actively in the discussions. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their time in the Netherlands, and also learned something from the findings. And we hope to meet everyone again soon!

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