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Co-designing cycling infrastructure in Davis

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DCE-participant Bike-minded invited to develop cycling infrastructure in Davis, USA.

Maurits Lopes Cardozo, lead design consultant at Bike-minded, visited the City of Davis, California to help further develop design of cycling infrastructure in the ‘best city for cycling’ in the USA. It has been a very interesting and productive week packed with co-design sessions, site visits and several presentations. Local advocacy organization BikeDavis invited Maurits to speak in the US Cycling Hall of Fame and we got according to the organization probably one of the highest turnouts ever! The presentation had a dual focus: introducing Dutch cycling networks and discussing about Davis cycling observations and opportunities. The collaboration between the City of Davis and Bike-minded was initiated after a meeting and a Rotterdam bike tour during the study tour of a delegation of the City of Davis, organized by the Dutch Cycling Embassy in October 2018.

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