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ThinkBike Workshop Montreuil - Day 2 & 3

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The second and third day of the ThinkBike Workshop were used to work on study cases.

On the morning of the second day our experts Stefan Bendiks (Artgineering) and Bas Govers (Goudappel Coffeng) presented different aspects of the philosophy used in the Netherlands to plan for the bicycle. They stressed that planning and design for safer cycling is actually not an end in itself but used as a broader agenda to make the population healthier, but also the city more accessible, less polluted and economically competitive. Stefan explained these objectives on the example of the city of Groningen for example.

ThinkBike Workshop Montreuil 1

Bas then presented more concepts and once more stressed that the Dutch tend to think more holistically rather than just thinking about cycling infrastructure. To illustrate this point, he presented the plan of Utrecht in which the city was divided in 3 zones based on their function and the current build environment. This organisation helped forming the traffic plan and the bicycle plan and the design of bicycle infrastructure.

The afternoon of the second day and the third day were spent working on specific study cases from Montreuil. All the study cases were street intersections with the exception of one case, which was the study of a street alongside which the future tramway line will run. People where divided in smaller groups to work on the design of safer intersections for cyclists. The designs that had been drawn were then discussed with the entire group and enrichedd with the insights of Stefan and Bas.

ThinkBike Workshop Montreuil 2

During the third and final day, the discussions moved from only considering individual intersections to thinking about the complete street network of the city and the connections with the neighbouring cities.

ThinkBike Workshop Montreuil 3

Overall, the whole workshop was a great event to share the experience of Dutch planners and designers on designing for inclusive cycling but also to understand the current context and constraints with which French planners have to work with.
The city of Montreuil has already done great things to make cycling easier and to make the city more enjoyable. We hope that this workshop will have given them even more ideas about how to move forward and inspired the people who took part in the event.

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