The Board of the Dutch Cycling Embassy is formed by three of our cycling experts:


Saskia Kluit director of the Fietsersbond

Saskia Kluit
director of the Fietsersbond

Since her first job at a local environmental organization, Saskia enthusiastically works on promoting sustainable urban transport. Worldwide, cycling is the main part of the road to healthy urban living conditions for all. Saskia has a degree in Political Sciences, International Relations. The focus of Saskia’s interests are the motives of the people on the move and how governments and companies can help to make a more bike-friendly world. Why does anybody choose to ride a bicycle? What do they need to increase their number of trips on a bicycle or what stimulates people to increase the distance they cycle? In her daily role as CEO of the Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists Union) she represents the Dutch people on two wheels. Saskia is a board member of the DCE since January 2014. DCE expertise: Urban planning, sustainability, Mobility management, Cycling and behavior, Communication and campaigning, Participation and stakeholder management.

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Saskia represents the board, gives presentations on the role of NGO’s and receives guests of the DCE.

Jos van Kleef director of Goudappel Coffeng

Jos van Kleef
director of Goudappel Coffeng

To me, working on mobility means “working on the quality of life”! An improved mobility, road safety and less environmental pollution. The Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) is crucial for this because cycling is an essential part of it. Cycling delivers an important contribution to the inner city transportation of the 21st century. Also is cycling, due to the e-bike, more important for the transportation between cities. Look at our cycling highways in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands is the guiding country for the world. Cycling is our export product for which DCE is already many years the front office. As the portal to the world we make the expertise of our members available for cycling related developments.

The present technology developments are challenging in the transition into the 4th industrial revolution. The fast developments on IT, robotizing and also on car sharing will change our daily life on mobility fundamentally. Also the mobility in inner cities, where “active modes” will become more important.

DCE as part of Connekt gives us the unique opportunity to develop this further.

Johan Diepens director of Mobycon

Johan Diepens
director of Mobycon

‘Mobility is one of the core elements of society. Being able to move from A to B does not only affect your health and well-being, it also affects the economy and your social life. Mobility shapes our cities and the environment we live in. That is what fascinates me about our field of work.

As founder and director of Mobycon, I enable interaction between people. For example, a new cycle route through a downtown area, will enable new retail and increased economic vitality in that area. This shows that smart mobility solutions can really boost the quality of our society. A society where all people enjoy their living environment, their work, and the way they move around. A society where everybody arrives home safely every night.’

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